Win or Lose: let’s meet Manos Pavlakis

Manos lives in Greece, and he will celebrate with us the anniversary of Modus Maris with his interactive game “Win or Lose”.

Let’s know better Manos and his gift for the “Fiera dei doni del Mare”.

Manos, do you want to tell something about yourself as a professional and as a person?

I have worked for almost 20 years, as a Business Trainer and Consultant, specializing in soft skills development and Train the Trainers programs. With a strong business-academic background, I try to emphasize practical learning applications based on solid foundations. I am particularly interested in the issue of inclusive learning in the workplace, a topic that emerged during the pandemic and was the subject of my postdoctoral research.

How much do you think the game can accelerate the learning process in adults?

Who says that adults do not like playing? The game, as a technique, has gained the interest of education and training professionals in recent years and not without reason, as it contributes to the development of meanings and ideas in a fun way. As long as the process and/or the results of a game are related to the main topic of training, learning just happens!

How much can communication and effective relationship skills help a successful negotiation?

Good communication and effective relationship skills are necessary for a successful negotiation. However, these are not the only elements, since negotiations are an integral part of our daily life, at the professional, social or personal level, and there is always the need for a more systemic view of things. To avoid spoilers, I will stop here!

What are the objectives of your interactive game?

First, to create a nice atmosphere, where participants will feel free to express themselves, share ideas and experiences, disagree, communicate and interact. Secondly, to enable participants to feel that learning happens everywhere and by every means, as long as they are connected to the presence. And finally, to assist participants in critically reflecting on the previous assumptions regarding the Dos and Don’ts of negotiation.

Who would you recommend taking the opportunity to live the experience of Win or Lose?

Really anyone who wants to engage themselves in an interactive and funny learning experience, as long as their camera and microphone are on!

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