From Art to Leadership: a bridge, supported and guided by specific training interventions, which creates a dialogue between the emotions and suggestions that come from the relationship with art and the evolution and development of leadership applied to the professional field.

You don't act as leaders, you are leaders. You cannot learn techniques and skills to be effective leaders. Paths and experiences can be undertaken to develop functional and favorable mental attitudes to interpret this complex and, at the same time, fascinating role.

Yes, you are a leader, but the leader's responsibility is to do: making the right choices, deciding, leading, persevering, setting an example, growing, undertaking, creating a great and exciting vision to share it with the team, knowing how to get up and being able to get others up. E in order to do, you have to be.

From Art to Leadership usa art as a vehicle, experience and metaphor to get to the heart of leaders and guide their path through a mindset capable of bringing out and mobilizing all the useful and indispensable attitudes to be a successful leader.

From Art to Leadership usa experiential training as support and guidance, in order to make the most of all the cognitive and emotional contents of the experiences and finalize them for personal and professional growth.

The path is, in its entirety, designed and conceived to allow those who participate to have a 360° approach to the world of leadership, structured through specific complementary and logically linked activities. It is also possible, alternatively, to decide to participate in only some of the modules provided.

Each module includes:

an online preparation meeting and reflection on the themes of the module;
a day in presence, in one of the four cities chosen, in which space is left for conversation with art through the discovery and analysis of the proposed works, as well as through a personal experience shared with the group;
an online reflection meeting on the possibilities and methods of contextualising the experiences and emotions experienced within the role of leader, in order to be able to bring value to oneself, to the team and to the entire company.


From Project to Result

The art that guides towards leadership, to guide the team towards the goal

Thursday June 6 2024
17 hours: 30
Milan – Galleries of Italy
Madwoman of the Scala, 6

A high management training experience led by:
Silvia Pichi – art historian and art counselor
Monica Becco – trainer and coach on leadership development

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