Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are important to drive innovation, promote creativity and improve organizational performance. People satisfaction improves the organization's focus on objectives, helps attract and retain talent.

Every organization is unique and the factors of diversity there are many: from generational diversity, to life cycles, from gender diversity, to sexual orientation and the multicultural nature of the corporate fabric.

We support you in creating inclusive culture aware, develop strategy and programs designed for specific needs thanks to targeted detection tools of the organizational climate to identify strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement within the company.

Our program has the goal of develop inclusive leadership, support the creation and growth of Enterprise Resource Groups to empower employees e enhance the sense of belonging.

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To help organizations deal with these issues in the most effective way, Modus Maris offers a tool for assessing the situation of corporate DEI and for supporting the development of action plans.

Our DEI Survey it is based on in-depth research and allows you to evaluate the results against an international benchmark, and delivers the results through an interactive dashboard that clearly summarizes the company climate and culture.

Automatic analysis of results by topic and organizational unit helps identify critical areas and opportunities for improvement. The tool also facilitates the definition of an action plan thanks to a knowledge base of best practices and integration with AI tools.

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Modus Maris supports the Benedetta D'Intino Center, a non-profit organization that welcomes children and adolescents with serious communication disabilities, offering free individual clinical courses for children and their families.

Discover the Deeply Human experience designed for companies that want to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. Download the project presentation and contact us to organize the event at your company.

All proceeds from Profondamente Umano will be donated to the Benedetta D'Intino Center.

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