Why art in education?

The work of art speaks of itself on different levels: form, content and meaning. Art represents a rich source of reflection, inspiration and emotional, cognitive and spiritual nourishment. In art we can recognize ourselves, and we can broaden our vision of the world and of ourselves.
Modus Maris combines art & development in an alchemical process of transformation to create an immersive and multisensory experience, full of meaning and open to personal interpretation.
clear wave
Statue of Diomedes and Athena in Berlin


An exclusive path of discovery and development of the Self and one's role.
A concrete and metaphorical journey between Art and Leadership, in a continuous transfer between these two dimensions in which to search, discover, deepen and grasp the profound meanings of a role that transcends mere professional involvement.

Do you want to design your art itinerary inspired by a strategic or organizational development theme?

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